Senggigi Beach Tourism Lombok Island is one of the most famous beaches among the archipelago tourists and foreign tourists. This beach is located near the city of Mataram, a little far indeed, but tourists are willing to come to this beach even though the distance is a little far. Senggigi City itself is the busiest tourist center in the city of Lombok. This beach has big waves but also fairly calm. In addition to the beaches that are very attractive, underwater tours also offer beauty that is very mesmerizing the eyes of the visitors who see it. Around this beach there are many stalls where local residents sell souvenirs and local specialties. There are also some accommodations that are equipped with pretty good facilities. Senggigi is a beach that can attract many visitors with all its beauty.

Senggigi 3D / 2N Lombok Tour means; The Tour in Lombok that makes Senggigi as the central point of the Tour, especially as a place to stay or hotel accommodation that we provide, so that access to the next tourist destination in the Lombok 3D / 2N Tour can be affordable and minimizes time spent wasted in a trip to the next tour destination such as Gili Trawangan.


Upon arrival at Lombok International Airport (BIL) participants will be welcomed by our friendly and polite guide, then start the tour to the Village of Rambitan / Sade – is a traditional village that still holds firm customs and ancestral heritage houses. After being satisfied witnessing the uniqueness of the traditional village, we will move towards Kuta Beach, Lombok; known as Putri Nyale Beach, a beach famous for its panoramic beauty and uniqueness of pepper sand, then Tanjung Aan beach; is approximately 5 Km from Kuta Beach, a beach with white sand that is so charming and clean crystal clear sea water. Next is Sukarara Village; a village which is the center of Handicraft Fabric Weaving and Double Bonds native to the Sasak tribe, here we can try to learn to weave and at the same time try to use these woven products. Next is Banyumulek Village, which is the village of clay pottery craftsmen, which has a very simple system but is able to attract the attention of tourists. Then check in hotel, and dinner.


After breakfast, around 00.90 o’clock am, the tour starts at Malimbu Hill; hill which is famous for its panoramic beauty that leads to the three Gilis namely; Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Terawangan to take photos while enjoying the atmosphere of the bay on Malimbu beach with crystal clear sea water, then head to the port to cross to Gili Terawangan by using a boat that we have provided in about 30 minutes . After arriving at Gili Terawangan free program with a variety of activities such as: Senorkeling, Diving, Glass Bottom Boat, Cycling around the island and various other water sports, until it is time for lunch at the restaurant that we have provided. Once satisfied to travel on Gili Terawangan, you will be invited back to Lombok for the next tour to the Monyet Baun Pusuk Forest which is famous for its friendly monkey tourism, to feed a flock of monkeys that are funny and are accustomed to the arrival of tourists while enjoying the beauty of the beach from mountain peaks. Next on the way to the hotel, we will pass the shopping places of typical Lombok souvenirs such as Lombok special foods, Lombok package, Mutiara Lombok which are known for their high quality and low prices. after satisfied shopping, then you will be delivered to the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel and then the participants will take a city tour and visit: Lingsar Temple (A place of worship between Hindu believers and Muslims believers at telu). If you are lucky you can see Moa fish (a type of giant eel). After visiting Lingsar Temple, we will go to Narmada Park (a resting place for the Kings during the Hindu king) where the park can be found and can be tried for eternal water that is believed by Hindu believers. Tour complete. After that, transfer to Lombok International Airport for your next destination. We say goodbye see you next time and thank you for using our services.