1 day trek senanru rim

1 Day Trek Senaru Rim

1 Day Senaru Rim is  shortest trekking option, but still gives you some of the best views of the volcano. This is ideal if you’re very short on time, or are only interested in reaching the senaru crater rim for the fantastic views. You still get to see the beautiful landscape over the lake and the volcano crater. If you need more days trekking, we have multiple Mount Rinjani trekking package with camping available.

Highlight Program :

  • Spectacular views over the 3 Gilis and mountain Agung in Bali
  • Sunrise from next to the valley of Mt. Sangkareang
  • Smoke throughout hole of Gunung Baru in the middle of Segara Anak lake
  • View of Peak of Rinjani mountain 3.726m

Duration Activities

1 Day (24 hours)


  • 1 Night Hotel Accommodation


  • 1 Breakfast
  • 1 Lunch Breakfast

Type Of Service Available :

  • Standard: Standard service is intended for trekkers who are accustomed to mountain climbing and are accustomed to makeshift equipment but that does not mean it is uncomfortable. In this condition it is usually reserved for those who order sharing packages with climbers from various countries and are required to be able to adjust to their individual conditions and personalities. For example, in one tent we share with others because the tent we use is a tent with a capacity of 2 people, using a mattress that is not thick (this will be problematic for those who have basic back problems) as well as the food and drinks available.
  • Deluxe: In the Deluxe service type, you already have an extraordinary level of comfort, starting from equipment such as tents, soft mattresses, getting pillows, trekking poles, head lamps and other supporting facilities. You can also order food according to your wishes. We try to provide services like a 5-star hotel with existing standard climbing facilities, such as chairs and tables when eating, porters who serve every time with asumsion 1 climber served by 1 porter. Warm drinks at night such as beer and so on.
  • Premium: We really understand what you want and need while on the mountain, especially for young or old couples who want to capture their best moments while on vacation in the mountains. For example, for a pre-wedding moment or a honeymoon moment with a beloved partner. In this premium service concept, we are also here for families who want to give the best impression to their family members when they are in Rinjani. We are always available with various kinds of requests that you want such as giving a million to your partner while on the mountain and so on (Please provide detailed information on what kind of concept you want).

Tour Itinerary

Arrival Day → Greeting time at any places in Lombok

Highlight : (Airport, Harbor, or Mataram City and Senggigi) à Senaru Village/ Rinjani Wonders Office à Hotel Accommodation)

  • Pick up by Our Driver in Lombok Airport or others Port like Bangsal Harbor, Senggigi, Lembar harbor or Mataram City and Kuta  Mandalika which one your position
  • After meeting our driver, he will take you to our office in Senaru to meet us
  • Estimated time from Airport to our place about 4 hours, from Bangsal Harbor 1 hour 30 minutes, from Senggigi 2 hours, from Mataram City 3 hours 30 minutes, from Kuta Mandalika 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Arrive at our office, you will be welcomed by me with welcome drink, while enjoying welcome drink, we will give you a briefing about travel plans and any preparation.
  • After completion of the briefing, you will be taken to the Hotel where to stay and rest before doing trekking tomorrow morning.
  • We provide welcoming drink at the arrival and free breakfast at the hotel before the trek on the next day.
  • What can you do at your hotel on the arrival day?
  • Take a rest while enjoying the view on the balcony of the hotel room
  • Walk around Senaru Village or to the shopping center
  • Go to Waterfall Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls

Arrival Day

Highlight : (Airport, Harbor, or Mataram City and Senggigi) | Senaru Village/ Rinjani Wonders Office| Hotel Accommodation)

  • You receive a free pick-up from any location in South and West Lombok, that will take you to the Senaru Village.
  • You spend the half night with free accommodation in a local guest house.

Day 1: (1 Day Trek Senaru Rim) Activity

Highlight Program : Hotel  à POS 1 à POS 2 à POS 3 à Senaru Crater Rim à Senaru Village

  • You wake up around 12 AM and receive a light supper.
  • You begin ascend at 12:30 AM
  • After about 6/7 hours, you will reach the beautiful crater rim (2 461 meters), where you can see the lake and crater.
  • After some hours, rest, selfie, taking pictures with a gorgeous view, you begin descending down the mountain. After about 3-4 hours, you arrive at your lunch spot.
  • After eating, you continue descend and reach the Semnaru village after about 3-4 more hours.
  • A pick up car will take you to retrieve the rest of your luggage, and you will then be taken to your destination location in Lombok (airport, beach resorts, Gili islands, harbor, etc)

What Does Price Include and Exclude?

Price including:
• Pick up and transfers
• A night accommodation in Senaru/ Sembalun before the trek,
• Trekking guide Porters
• One small tree
• Foods and drinking,
• Entrance fee for the national park IDR 300,000/trekker/trips ( IDR150,000/person/day )
• First aid kits
• Inbound travel insurance
• Free dinner before trekking at Hotel Accommodation restaurant only
• Luggage storage available at Rinjani Wonders office

Price excluding:
• Head lamp /hand torch
• Small bag pack/daily pack
• Trekking shoes
• Trekking jacket
• Ticket airplane
• Extra porter for own luggage ( 22$ /day)
• Long pants/trousers
• Tips for guide and porters