Porter and guide for Rinjani Trekking is people are born in senaru, before rinjani trekking is open for commercial trekking destination in Lombok, they are is farmer. Times is changes when people from outside coming to doing trekking, we do education to them about tourism service specially for guide and porter during trekking. In trekking season we used them for it and when low season or rinjani is closed for trekking they doing something else in the farmer area where a location is closed from their home.


Rinjani Mountain is their home!. They are been climbing rinjani since a long time for fun and doing thing for their religion they believe. Since children, family already teach them to be good person and take care and protect a nature, where they live. Cause most of the food for their consumption is come from nature a close from step of Rinjani Mountain. Rinjani Trekking Expert Operator used them for increase their economic for their family and for good future life. Come trekking with us is for help local community around Senaru and Sembalun village.