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Rinjani Trekking Food

Food and Drinks Menu on the mountain trip Day 1 Day 2 Morning Break (post2) Egg, tomato and garlic onion jaffle Fruit salad Lemon ginger tea coffe (nescafe milk, black) Lunch (post 3) Noodles, vegetable, tomato, soup Boiled eggs Fruit Salad Steam rice Tea (ginger, lemon) Coffe (Nescafe milk, Black Afternoon Break (senaru Crater rim) […]

Rinjani Trekking Equipment

Rinjani Trekking Equipment we are Provide Waterproof Camping Tents For camping tents, we use Lafuma® waterproof tents, with Weatherize Technology designed to keep you cool and comfortable in temperate environments. What makes a good tent? For starters, one that can protect you from the elements, a tent with a proven weather protection system to help […]

How to Get Rinjani Trek

If you are currently in Bali or Padangbai and Gili Trawangan, but want to continue your trip and adventure to Mount Rinjani. So here we will review How to Get Rinjani Trek from Bali and Gili Trawangan? which will certainly be very useful information for those of you who are planning to take a route after […]

Senaru Village To Close From Rinjani

Senaru Village : West Gate to Mount Rinjani National Park and Lake Segara Anak Lombok The village of Senaru, an easy 2.5 hours drive from Mataram or Senggigi, is the main access to the National Park. As a non-trekking destination. it is also popular – a cool, flower-filled mountain village stretching along a hillside spur […]

Amazing View Around Rinjani Mountain

There’s Amazing View Around Rinjani Mountain Over 20 villages surround Mt. Rinjani and there are many routes up the mountain, but the main access is from Senaru in the north and Sembalun Lawang to the east. Gunung Rinjani national park lies within the major transition zone (Wallace) where the flora and fauna of south East […]

What’s Bring to Rinjani

What’s Bring to Rinjani ? Before trekking you should prepare Day pack, as personal Day Pack : – Torch or Flashlight – 1pair champ shoes/trek shoes are good – Toiletries – Sun block/lotion, hat/cap, sun glasses – Spray for muscle/balm – Insect repellent – Camera, Handy cam (Manual or Digital) – Small towel – 2/3 […]